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Centrance Mixerface

Centrance Mixerface


-Mobilus įrašymo įrenginys su microSD kortele 

-USB audio interfeisas 2 I/O

-analoginis garso mikšeris

-Integruota baterija

-2 aukštos klasės pradiniai stiprintuvai su "Jasmine" technologija

-HiFi lygio ausinių stiprintuvas

-Tvirtas aliuminio korpusas




Your smartphone is an amazing audio production tool. Many apps let you edit, produce, and then upload your audio online in minutes. But how do you get quality audio into the phone in the first place? Now it’s simple! Set the MixerFace on your coffee table, connect a mic and the phone, start your favorite recording app and you’re recording — it’s that easy! Have a particular vocal mic that suits your voice? No problem. MixerFace offers 48V phantom power to accommodate any high-end condenser. The custom designed Jasmine Mic Pres™ deliver a world-class signal, designed to capture every nuance of the performance. MixerFace is a professional Mobile Recording Interface™. It delivers broadcast-level audio quality.




This hand-held recording marvel packs a number of features previously available only in studio interfaces, into an ideal form-factor for traveling audio professionals. MixerFace includes two boutique mic preamps with independent gain controls and LED level monitoring, 48V phantom power, Hi-Z inputs for guitar and bass, and more into a handheld device the size of a passport! By transforming your smartphone into a portable recording studio MixerFace creates an end-to-end mobile recording solution for journalists, podcasters, voiceover artists, videographers and touring musicians — anyone who records on the go.




MixerFace R4 has two Neutrik™ combo inputs, which accommodate microphones, line level instruments, guitars or bases. You can plug your guitar straight in. But R4 is also a versatile mixer. I has an Auxiliary stereo input that can be mixed in right on the top panel. So if you want to add a drum machine or another mixer, it’s there. R4 also has Balanced outputs, an Unbalanced stereo output and a Headphone output. The top panel gives easy access to all of the adjustments with familiar analog pots. No searching through menu pages to find the right adjustment — quick and easy control is always at your fingertips. R4 can work as a Mixer even if you’re not using it to record!



Centrance Mixerface

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