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Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Pro Synergy Core

**Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Pro Synergy Core: Elevating Audio Creation to New Heights**

*Step into the future of audio recording and production with the Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Pro Synergy Core. This compact audio interface redefines what's possible for musicians, sound engineers, and content creators. Featuring unparalleled audio quality, a comprehensive suite of real-time effects, and versatile connectivity options, the Discrete 4 Pro Synergy Core is the ultimate tool for achieving professional-grade recordings and productions.*

**Uncompromising Audio Quality:**
- The Discrete 4 Pro Synergy Core sets a new standard with its class-leading AD/DA conversion, offering up to an astonishing 127dB of headroom. Your recordings will have exceptional clarity and precision.

**High-Resolution Audio:**
- Record, mix, and play back your audio at resolutions of up to 24-bit/192kHz. This level of detail ensures that every nuance of your music and sound is captured accurately.

**Precision Clocking Technology:**
- Experience audio like never before thanks to the proprietary 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC™) technology and the Jitter Management algorithm. These innovations enhance the width, separation, and detail in your audio performances.

**Comprehensive Connectivity:**
- The Discrete 4 Pro Synergy Core is equipped with two discrete ultra-linear preamps, each providing a generous 65dB of gain. This makes it ideal for recording microphones, line-level instruments, and Hi-Z sources, all via combo XLR jacks.

- Seamlessly connect to your preferred DAW with a USB-C port, enabling up to 8 input and 8 output channels, all supported by custom macOS and Windows drivers.

- For added convenience, a secondary USB-C port is provided for reverse charging, making it a versatile companion for your mobile devices.

- Expand your setup digitally with the S/PDIF input and output. Plus, enjoy analog monitor outputs, including a stereo output over RCA and a stereo output over TRS that mirrors the primary output.

- Collaborate effortlessly with two pairs of stereo headphone outputs, each featuring independent gain control.

**Enhanced Workflow:**
- The Discrete 4 Pro Synergy Core is a bus-powered interface, eliminating the need for a dedicated power source and simplifying your setup.

- Engage in direct hardware monitoring with Synergy Core effects, all processed in real-time with imperceptible latency. This allows you to stay in the creative zone without interruption.

- Experience streamlined I/O routing with pre-configured settings that facilitate immediate recording and playback. The interface caters to both beginners and professionals alike.

- The intuitive front panel features a dedicated volume knob and buttons for frequency adjustment, offering hands-on control of core parameters.

- Create and save customizable presets, complete with signal routing, level adjustments, mixer settings, and sub-mixes.

- Tailor your monitor mixes and split headphone mixes into individual cue and sub-mixes, while applying pan, reverb, and other effects as required.

**Real-Time Effects Processing:**
- Enjoy a comprehensive collection of 37 Synergy Core effects that accurately model classic and rare analog outboard gear. The onboard Synergy Core platform, powered by DSP and FPGA chips, ensures real-time effects processing with imperceptible latency.

**Included Onboard Effects:**
- Explore a versatile suite of 37 Synergy Core effects, encompassing preamps, equalizers, compressors, guitar amps, and special processing effects.

- Elevate your sound with iconic processors such as the Gyraf Gyratec IX dual tube mic preamp, the VCA160 compressor/limiter, and a diverse range of analog-modeled tools.

- Achieve the perfect guitar tone with a selection of authentic guitar amps and cabinets, adding new dimensions to your music.

The Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Pro Synergy Core empowers you with unparalleled audio quality, extensive connectivity, and real-time effects processing, all in a compact form factor. Elevate your sound, streamline your workflow, and create with confidence, achieving professional-grade audio recordings and productions that stand out from the crowd.

Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Pro Synergy Core

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