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Amphion BaseTwo25

Amphion BaseTwo25 Active low-frequency extension system with 2 x bass extension towers and 2 x 700W amplifier


Another step forward…

Amphion’s first Base Extension System was introduced back in 2015. The concept of keeping the stereo information all the way down has since spread and many brands have followed suit. The updated BaseTwo25 System combines the best attributes of our previous Base systems making it powerful modern creative audio tool. BaseTwo25 provides insightful detail and control and packs maximum energy into the lowest octave – giving no hidden surprises in the playback – and allows the sound engineer to hear and feel throughout the whole frequency spectrum.

BaseTwo25’s low-frequency extension system is equally at home with any sound making in any application, be it music, gaming, or movies. It excels in any two or multichannel context, where correct reproduction and appreciation of the lowest octave is critical. Amphion’s innovative approach to low-frequency monitoring provides producers, sound engineers, and artists with a completely new perspective on bass frequencies – for example how they contribute to rendering of spaces – especially helpful in modern multichannel and Atmos applications.

The BaseTwo25 is a state-of-the-art monitoring solution converting any Amphion two-way studio monitor into a full-range, time and phase coherent, three-way system. These full-range towers extend all the way down to 20Hz. Each BaseTwo25 has 2 x 10 inch woofers (top) and matching 2 x 10 inch radiators (below) mounted in back-to-back force-canceling mode on both sides of the cabinet. The system is driven by single 2U rack mountable BaseAmp1200, which houses a 2 x 700W amplifier, and Amphion’s discrete filtering module with a crossover selection (40, 60, 80, 100 Hz) and variable-level attenuator.

In addition to providing tight, tuneful bass, BaseTwo25 improves midrange clarity and increases the midrange power-handling abilities of the paired monitors. This is achieved by reduced intermodulation distortion as the low-end frequencies are transferred from the monitors to the base extenders. The new selectable crossover provides integration even when extenders are placed behind a large format console, while keeping the monitors on the meter bridge. BaseTwo25 works with all Amphion products, as well as with monitors that have sufficient speed and resolution in the critical upper-bass/lower-mid frequencies.


Operating principle
One-way, passive radiator

Drivers -10″ aluminium woofers with 10″ passive radiators

Crossover point - Active 4th-order, selectable @ 40, 60, 80, 100 Hz

Frequency response - 20 – 100 Hz ±3dB

Connection - 3.5 m long, terminated with 2-pole Neutrik Speakon connectors

Net Weight - 2 x 32kg / 2 x 93lbs


Handmade in Finland

Amphion BaseTwo25

11 000,00 €Price
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Delivery in 1-2 weeks after placing an order
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